We all know the drought in California has put serious pressure on government, farmers, ranchers, and even land owners to conserve water. The cost is only going to continue going up.

Are you simply going to wait until you can no longer afford the water that you need to water your grass.  Yes, it looks great, we know, but increasingly it is becoming more valuable to use natural materials to preserve such a precious resource–water.

What happens if we have 3 more years of drought?  That lawn is going to price your house right out of the market, mostly because the price of the water realistically goes out of reach for the homeowner.

Your government begins to dislike you.  Your neighbors dislike you for taking their water.

Furthermore, if the drought DOES continue, no one will want a house with a green natural lawn because they know they will not be able to afford it.

So…change your front and back yards now.

Use the vast types of natural rock, sand, decomposed granite, and plants that look great, are affordable, and environmentally sound. Your neighbors will thank you and your house and business will actually become MORE valuable.

Stone artwork

There are so many different kinds of material you can use to assemble your artwork, without touching grass:

  • Colored rocks
  • Stones of all styles
  • Sands of all sizes and colors
  • Decomposed granite
  • Ready mix
  • Pavers
  • Drought resistant plants
  • Artificial grass
  • Statues

Dry Creek

At Big Iron Landscape Materials, we have all of these materials and more to help you with just the right look for home and business.

The “Dry Creek Bed” on the right is very inexpensive and gives a fabulous look to any yard area.

Contact us and let us help you and your yards be the pride of your community, not the disdain.