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The benefits of artificial grass:

  • No water usage, no fertilizer, no annual dethatching
  • No maintenance, no mowing
  • No weeds*, no broken sprinklers to repair
  • Pet friendly
  • Versatile
  • More affordable than you might think

Our products for home and business have the look and feel of natural grass but offer you and your business–all the benefits in the latest synthetic technology.

There are many artificial grass products on the market today. Though there have been technological advances within the industry over the years, it is clear that many products fall short of the quality of the artificial grass we use.

We pride ourselves on our providing today’s best and most technologically advanced turf products.

The expected lifetime of a synthetic grass lawn or landscape area is hard to define. Most turf is warranted not to fade, stain or fall apart  — a few turf manufacturer’s are offering extended wear warranties of longer terms for landscape uses.
artificial grass petsFactors such as use, installation, type of turf, UV factors, should be considered, and Big Iron Landscape Materials will help you with those decisions. In a low traffic landscape application, most turf will last well in excess of any community accessible football field, under typical conditions. Typically, a field used at a high school should last in excess of 10 or more years. Considering natural grass can die overnight, due to a wide variety of uncontrollable issues and elements, and is generally not covered under a warranty, a synthetic grass lawn, already has several factors in its favor!

What can damage a synthetic turf area is neglect. Keeping it free from debris, sanitized and groomed will be the key to your long-term enjoyment. How often depends upon your personal circumstances.

* Sometimes weed seeds can land in the cracks and can sprout with a little rain. A little hands on maintenance and regular treatments will keep weeds to a minimum.

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